a few words about us Alhilal University looggg


AU is Non- profit, private institution and was established by a group of Somali Scholars in 01 January 2010. Which provides different subjects? The major purpose of the Institute is to cover the world class teaching and research.  The institution today combines impressive modern facilities and a dynamic approach to teaching and research with its proud heritage of service and achievement.

Vision Statement

AU desires to become the leading academic institutions in Somalia.

Our vision reflects our service to society and we pursue our vision in the belief that all those with an interest in the institution should expect no lesser ambition.

Mission Statement

AU wants to be sustainable, capable and committed educational institution that seeks to combine the classroom knowledge with practice. Our Mission is to pursue research, learning and teaching of international distinction and impact. Features of our Vision and Mission are a striving for excellence, integrity and innovation in every aspect of activity; a strongly collaborative approach; open and effective communications and an inclusive culture based on dignity, courtesy and respect.

AU Sets itself to accomplish the following components of its overall mission:

  1. Advance the community of learning by engaging in scientific research, humanistic scholarship, and artistic creation;
  2. Provide the young coming up generation a high quality educational experience to undergraduate students in a diverse learning environment–promoting the values that prepare students to lead lives of personal integrity and civic responsibility in a global society;
  3. Increase the learning opportunity
  4. Prepare the next generations of skilled and ethical professionals by providing an excellent graduate and professional education that prepares graduators to compete in a diverse of the world science.
  5. Participate in the academic competitions locally and internationally.
  6.   Prepare workshops and scientific debates.
  1. To guide quality education seekers to reach relevant knowledge and necessary skills through dynamic lectures.
  2. To create an atmosphere in which newly graduates gain and prepare for being professionals so as to have an access to work later with public, private, local and international organizations in the country and outside the country.
  3. To ensure that all quality education seekers have fair access to admit the class they want.
  4. To ensure no one has been left behind, every Somali student who wants to get higher education.