Faculty of Economics & Management Science

After more than two decades of civil war in Somalia, the Faculty of Economics is directing to rebuild its re-existence through knowledge and experience. In addition, the mission of the faculty is to work within the framework and directives from the Federal Republic of Somalia. Its program is 4 years degree in both BS and BA with majors in Economics and Management. During the first two years, Students take common basic courses, while the faculty students will be divided in two directions (Economics and Management). Criteria and techniques relating for the division of the students will be studied separately. The program provides a well articulated curriculum for students interested in either to pursue further education or running high level positions in both public and private sector corporations.  The Faculty of economics & Management Science will Cover Approximately 60 course which are University Requirement, Faculty Requirement and specialization courses. The faculty of Economic and Management Science is one of the pillar programs of Al Hilal University. The faculty aims at preparing and graduating Somali Youth who will satisfy the leadership and managerial professionalism required by the Somali community. The faculty strives to meet the market needs in the areas of accounting, management, economics and administrative sciences. To accomplish this target, the faculty has put in an all round and well-designed programs and courses leading to graduate level.

Mission of the faculty
The mission of the Faculty of Economic and Management Science is to provide students with a wide range of knowledge, skills and problem solving abilities to respond to the needs of the market and to enable them to successfully acquire proficiency in financial systems and effective management skills that meets the needs of the business firms, government organization and other non- profit organization in the current changing would.

Objectives of the Faculty
the objectives of Faculty are including:

  1. To prepare and produce qualified graduates to participate effectively in the leadership, accounting, Management and economics of the different section of the community.
  2. To contribute the development of business entities in the Somali society.
  3. To enhance efficiency and effectiveness of management personnel in the public and private institutions.
  4. To make its programs available in formats and at times that most suites its students and /or the client organization.
  5. To respond quickly, innovatively and soundly to the new education and professional needs of the contemporary Somali business institutions.

Faculty Departments:
a) Department of Business Administration
b) Department of Accountancy
c) Department of Economics
d) Department Banking and Finance

  1. e) International Relations & Diplomacy.
  2. f) Public Administration

The possible careers opportunities in Faculty of Economics & Management Science are as follows:

  1. Accountancy:
    Charted Accountant, Auditor, Tax Consultant, Internal Auditor, Cost Accountant, Lecturer, Bookkeeper, Financial Analyst, Financial Accountant
  2. Business Administration: Personnel Practitioner, Management Consultant, Lecturer, Entrepreneur, Marketing Practitioner, Management positions in the private public sector, Strategic Planner, Careers in business commerce, Human Resource Consultants, Financial Investment Practitioner, Banker
  3. Public Administration Political Analyst, Lecturer, Diplomat, Consultant, Civil Servant, International career with International organizations, International Relations Officer, Administrator, Researcher, Bureaucrat
  4. Economics: Economic Affairs Researcher, Development Economist, Investment Analyst, Trade Promotion Officer, Dealer, Stock Broker, Economist, Economic News Reporter
  5. Local Government: Possible employment in any Regional or Local authorities’ civil service, Non-governmental organizations.